dining table mats

Razzle-Dazzle and Effulgence Your Home

Liv India’s range of dazzling home-décor is the grist for the gossip all around town. The polymerization of vinyl chloride i.e. PVC made table mats are admired and accepted by many over the decade and the demand has grown a lot. With the increasing demand and sales, the quality has not been compromised even a bit. The persistent quality and service has made a benchmark in the industry. Being the veteran in PVC made goods, be it table mats, bath mats, shower curtains, medical curtains, door mats, so on; Liv India definitely has a made a mark in wholesaling table mats.

Low Maintenance:

The easy to clean and maintain dining table mats are every homemakers dream come true. The razzling and dazzling table mats are made in PVC and thus will protect the fancy tables from getting ruined by the wine stains or curry marks. Just take a damp cloth and wipe them or toss them under running water for a quick rinse.

Customized Sizes:

They come in the standard sizes of 12×12, 16×16 and 12x 18. But they can be customized in other sizes too. Boast them proudly for a fancy dinner party with a six meal or just to beautify your tavolo.

Mats and Runners:

Available as dining table mats and runners too. The runners come in 15×33 and are ideal for the dining table and the side table as well. You can parade them for a daily use and still not be worried about getting them dirty.


They may come in PVC, but they are designed in the most exquisite and modernized manner. They are available in the umang brown, silver and gold, starlet silver, coin silver, golden, printed and in the self-design too. The runners are also no less; they come in embellished designs too.

Effulgence your abode in the most beautiful way with these multi-featured and PVC dining table mats.

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