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The Most Valuable Trait is Persistence

Liv India has been at the top of their game for the past 20 years and that is saying something! Unable to hold their horses, Liv India has marveled in the industry of home furnishings. Making homes beautiful and free from worry, they take full pride in having the best team in helping them stay on top. The home furnishings range is like no other in the market, be it in any part of the country. The PVC home furnishings have fulfilled the mission of helping keeping homes clean and beautiful in their own simple way. The home furnishing manufacturers have made tons of products for daily household chores. Keeping the Indian taste in mind, the products have been designed the same way.

The term ‘persistence’ is used here, to signify the work and quality of Liv India’s products. They have been persistently of the top-grade and made a mark in the industry. They make not be glittery or designer made, but they completely fulfill their task.

Like a table cover made in premium PVC, will protect the table-top from getting any food-stains or bottle-rings. They may not be as pretty as many out there; but the purpose of a table mat is served tenaciously. Many products have won awards for their gamesmanship and stood tall in providing the best quality.

Liv India has dealt in:

  • Table Covers- PVC made with designs of the border, self-designs, printed ones and so on.

  • Table Mats- made in designs and bold covers over the transparent PVC material.

  • Curtains- AC stripped, shower and medical use curtains are nation-wide accepted and adored.

  • Door Mats- they are exclusively designed for not-slipping easily.

  • Shower Mats- these can be placed directly inside the bathroom or the shower area and still be ruined.

These and many more products made with extra care and cautions, keeping in mind the minor accidents occurring at home. PVC home furnishings are everyone’s first and last choice, no matter how they grace over greener pastures.

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